Spencer's Crest Condominium Association
Columbia, Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do my monthly dues pay for?


A:            Dues paid to Spencers Crest are used to pay the expenses of operating the association and maintain the common elements.  Major expenses include mowing, landscaping, pool operations, lighting, and building a reserve fund for the eventual replacement of the major elements of the association.

Q:            Can I have my dues debited from my checking account?

A:         Yes!  Fill out thisACH form and return it to Community Association Management.  Please note this is only for your association dues, not for the land lease.

Q:           Where can I find information about crime prevention tips and crime reports?

A:        The City of Columbia publishes this information on its website, click on one of the links for more information.   Crime Prevention Tips   /    Crime Reports

Q:           Can I install a satellite dish?

A:        Yes.  A satellite dish can be installed in conjunction with FCC regulations or by requesting permission from the board of directors for a dish that will be installed in a common area (i.e. approved rock and grassy areas). 

Q:           When is the pool open for use and what are the hours?

A:           The pool typically opens in mid to late May and closes shortly after Labor Day.  Currently the pool hours are 9am to 9pm.


Q:           How do I obtain access to the pool?

A:            Contact Community Association Management an identification bracelet and key to the pool.  There is a charge for lost keys.


Q:           How do I reserve the shelter for a party

A:            The shelter can be reserved free of charge by members of the association.  Contact Community Association Management for reservations.  Groups who do not clean up after themselves may be charged a cleaning fee.


Q:           Does Spencers Crest offer recycling to residents?

A:            Yes.  Spencers Crest works with the city of Columbia to offer recycling opportunities to residents.  A large recycling container is available on Wednesdays near the dumpster at 3800-100 Saddlebrook.  This is located just east of the community park.


Q:           Are pets allowed?

A:            Yes.  Pets are limited to 2 cats or 2 dogs, or one cat and one dog.  Pets must be leashed and owners must clean up after their pets.  Please see the rules and regulations for more information.


Q:           I lost my key for my mailbox, how do I obtain a new one?

A:            Please contact the local post office.  Spencers Crest does not have keys to mailboxes.


Q:           Can I attend monthly board meetings?

A:            Absolutely.  This is your neighborhood and your participation is encouraged.  Please let the management company know in advance that you plan to attend so we can make sure there will be adequate seating as room is limited.  Please note that some issues such as pending or current  legal actions, personnel matters and punitive actions against members of the association are conducted in executive session and closed to the general public. 


Q:           What do I do if I believe a violation of the governing documents or rules and regulations is taking

A:            Please don’t hesitate to contact Community Association Management by clicking on the contact us page.


Q:           What happens if I don’t pay my monthly dues?

A:            The maintenance and management services incurred by the Association are dependent upon timely receipt of the assessments due from each homeowner. If payments are late you will incur a $15 per month late fee.  The governing documents allow the Association to charge late charges, interest, proceed with a lien on your property, take legal action or foreclosure proceeding for nonpayment of assessments.  If the Association must spend its time and money to collect your assessment, it will harm the Association and  eventually all other owners.




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